Session fees and prices

I do not include session fees in the overall costs of my packages. Instead there is a flat rate for certain packages and add ons are priced separately as well. 

Cancellation and Rescheduling?

Cancellation must occur at least 48 hrs before session, in order for session to be rescheduled. Rescheduling can happen once with no problem! Anytime after that a $50 fee is needed to ensure a future date. 

Scheduling and Consults?

For larger sessions, scheduling should occur a few months before the session is necessary. Especially weddings and newborn shoots. Consults are always free, and are a good way to meet, and get all the information necessary to ensure your session is exactly what you are expecting! 


Session time lines

My guidelines for sessions are usually 1-2 weeks for smaller sessions, (kiddos, minis, family shots). For my bigger sessions turn around time is usually 2-4 weeks; (Newborns, Weddings, Seniors). 

Re-Shoots and Refunds?

Re-shoots are only given if they is a issue and the photographer sees it is necessary. Refunds are never given, retainers are non-refundable for any reason as well. 

Images and Prints?

Images are sold in qualities and can be downloaded from an online gallery. Discs and USBS are sold separately. A consult is also scheduled for image reveals and to create your packages!