Four Boys & A Camera

Following your dreams is something people tell you to do as young as 5! But who the heck knows what their dreams really are? I went to college and changed majors about 15 times, me and the school counselor were best friends! I didn't know then what my dream was and I really didn't until my babies were born. 

Photography started out as an excuse not to take my kiddos to a stuffy mini mall and sit for 45 mins while they scream and fight to get their pictures done. I thought; " I can learn that!" Slowly but surely (I kind of did)!

It doesn't really matter why you pick up that camera it is the fact that you did! Good for you, being a photographer; amateur or professional, is scary and can make you nuts! F-STOP, FOCUS, ISO, WHITE BALANCE?? What happened to point and shoot? Well it is long gone and know you have to know what to do and how to make any image jump off the paper. Sometimes on the rare occasion I have people ask me: "What do you do?" "How do you use photoshop?" All I can say is practice, practice, practice. Become that annoying person who posts 500 images of their dog ( I do it with my kids, my dog is way to hyper). The only real way to learn your style, and how to make your camera your baby is to use it!! I take my camera with me everywhere, and snap pictures at anything I like. This helped me get used to lighting, color, and focus. 

I am not saying there will not be times that you want to pull you hair out and scream!! But work through it and trust in your passion for photography. Find your niche and stick with it, try to make one genre your best! Then grow from there, get subjects and make sure to build that portfolio. 

Welcome to the photography club, your going to do amazing!

Check back for more details and eventually editing tutorial!  


jessica everhart